Do you have other work besides mlp? I love your style and doodles and I'd love to see more of other things as well

thank you and yes, i do have other site that i place my drawings. you can check it through my inkbunny, deviant art and pixiv

most are furry/kemono work. some drawing are suggestive and there a bit yaoi there v.v;

thank you again 


sigh.. just looking at artist with their amazing skills, make me depressed how i’m still not good yet

uhm guys… i sorta cry reading everyone word of encouragement and support… I feel silly and emotional atm. just wanna say thank you for the kind word and sorry i bring this up all the sudden… ;u; 

sigh.. just looking at artist with their amazing skills, make me depressed how i’m still not good yet



HUGE cache of drawing and art related book PDF files.

There’s literally hundreds of great drawing, manga, comic, painting, sculpting, and art related books on this site. The website language is in Russian but many of the books are in their native language. Hopefully this is as helpful to many others as it was to me! 

Okay but seriously though.

It doesn’t stop doubtful manga looking artbooks.
There are anatomy artbooks by Vilppu, by Matessi…Artbooks from video games( ac , thieves …) ,  Artbooks about zbrush modelling, 3DS max lightning how to texture properly. Even how to concept art for video Games !!Without mentioning artbooks from movies ! From Miyazaki to Pacific Rim, I encourage you to check them out. This post doesn’t have nearly enough notes ! Fellow artits, share the references around ! =D

Btw, I hereby dub thee with the cutest art style in all of Tumblrpon! Every picture you do just oozes of adorbs X3 Which makes me wonder, what is the most intense or epic picture you've ever drawn?

awh thanks… but don’t think i deserve that :I there a lot good artist who draw cuter drawing

and most intense drawing would be this probably: http://highschool-cadance.tumblr.com/post/47761208802/mod-yesh-yesh-im-trully-sorry-for-the-lack-of

Nah, you're just pocket sized and easy to cradle in one's arms X3

sunset shimmer looking at your dashboard

sunset shimmer looking at your dashboard

krystalspirits said: Cool we’re the same age XD Though I’m much taller XD;

are you saying i’m short? ;~;